Our Values

At Pet Snax LLC we continue the tradition started in 1989 by American Health Kennels that we shouldn’t feed our pets treats that we wouldn’t eat. With that in mind, our recipes were developed by a Culinary Institute of America Chef. We make our treats right here in America with human grade ingredients sourced in the USA, under our strict standards and controls.

Keeping that same belief that pets should be treating like family, we guarantee the quality and consistency of our premium natural treats. We want to put smiles on your face, while delivering great fun treats for your pets.

We use only natural ingredients in our treats because we believe that our pets should only have the best.

We purchase our ingredients from the same place the restaurants you eat at buy theirs. We should be accountable for the health and safety of our cats and dogs, that is why we use high quality human grade ingredients.

People ask why our lead time is a little bit longer and we tell them that we make to order and bake everything fresh. We don’t walk into a freezer to package an order, we bake it fresh. This also ensures the 18 month shelf life.

For all of our biscuits, we source our ingredients in the USA and we make everything at our facility in South Florida.

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